Women Plus in Biophysics

A Resource for Scientists, Educators,
Journalists and Policy Makers

Are you looking for a speaker in the field of #Biophysics for your next conference? 
Are you a scientist trying to find a research group led by women working on #membrane transporters, #ion channels or #membrane biology?
This new site — Women Plus in Biophysics — offers you a tool to find researchers in Biophysics from all over the world by their position, research topic or name of the country where they are based. You may have access to the full list of scientists registered so far by searching “all”, which displays all the records alphabetically listed.
The database is an initiative of Hugues Abriel, from the University of Bern (Switzerland) — and Sharona Gordon, from the University of Washington in Seattle (USA).

There are no strings attached - there is no fee required and you will not receive any newsletters. This website is solely for the purpose to promote women in science.

If in doubt you can access the contact section on the website for any questions.Are you interested in being part of this great women’s list? Are you a scientist and either -tenured, pre-tenured, or senior-post-doc then register now using the following link: https://womenplusinbiophysics.org/submit/