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  • 2016 – present: Lecturer and Group Leader at IBMM
  • 2010 – 2015: Swiss National Science Foundation Professor (Assistant Professor) in Bioorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Bern.
  • 2006 – 2009: Lecturer in Chemical Biology, Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick, UK.
  • 2004 – 2005: Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Prof. Sarah C. R. Lummis, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, UK. Study of mutant serotonin 5-HT3 receptors as models for heteromeric ligand-gated ion channels.
  • 2003 – 2004: Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Prof. Ian Paterson FRS, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK. Working on the total synthesis of the marine, anti-cancer compound Peloruside A.
  • 1998 – 2003: PhD thesis, University of Basel. Synthesis and study of iron porphyrin model compounds as mimics for cytochrome P450 enzymes (group of Prof. Dr. em. Wolf-D. Woggon).
  • 1993 – 1998: Diploma in Chemistry, University of Zürich. Diploma thesis: synthesis of unnatural polyamines (group of late Prof. Dr. Manfred Hesse).

Recent selected publications

  • Tscherrig D, Bhardwaj R, Biner D, Dernič J, Ross-Kaschitza D, Peinelt C, Hediger MA, Lochner M (2024) Development of Chemical Tools Based on GSK-7975A to Study Store-Operated Calcium Entry in Cells, Cell Calcium 117: 102834 (
  • Preti B, Suchankova A, Deganutti G, Leuenberger M, Barkan K, Manulak I, Huang X, Carvalho S, Ladds G, Lochner M (2022) Discovery and Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Novel Adenosine A1 Receptor-Selective Agonists, J Med Chem 65: 14864-14890 (
  • Grossenbacher P, Essers MC, Moser J, Singer SA, Häusler S, Stieger B, Rougier JS, Lochner M (2022) Bioorthogonal Site-selective Conjugation of Fluorescent Dyes to Antibodies: Method and Potential Applications, RSC Adv 12: 28306-28317 (
  • Wall MJ, Hill E, Huckstepp R, Barkan K, Deganutti G, Leuenberger M, Preti B, Winfield I, Carvalho S, Suchankova A, Wei H, Safitri D, Huang X, Imlach W, La Mache C, Dean E, Hume C, Hayward S, Oliver J, Zhao FY, Spanswick D, Reynolds CA, Lochner M, Ladds G, Frenguelli BG (2022) Selective Activation of Gαob by an Adenosine A1 Receptor Agonist Elicits Analgesia without Cardiorespiratory Depression, Nat Commun 13: 4150 (

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  • Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC)