Group Gertsch

Research Focus:

We study the molecular mechanisms of action of small organic compounds and use them as tools to understand biochemical processes. We are interested in molecular pharmacology and the mechanistic role of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in inflammation and neuromodulation. In particular, we study how endogenous and potentially therapeutic ligands modulate cellular processes, with a focus on drug discovery.

Our group works on cannabinoid CB2 receptor ligands (recent example), endocannabinoid transport and the hemporessin-like peptide endocannabinoids, the Pepcans, which were recently identified. We use chemical biology to address pharmacological questions as well as basic research related to lipid signaling within the arachidonic acid network. Using LC-MS/MS and GC-MS in our laboratory we are interested in metabolic signaling networks in immune processes. Our group has a strong interest in natural products as chemical scaffolds to manipulate specific biochemical pathways. Within the NCCR TransCure we develop novel endocannabinoid transport and FAAH inhibitors and are interested in mechanisms of endocannabinoid transport. We collaborate on research questions related to membrane transporters in disease and biological systems, with a focus on translational research.

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