Group Lemmin

Research Focus:

What is the relationship between the structure, dynamics and function of proteins? Can we computationally predict and tailor new functions into proteins? These are some of the fundamental questions that we investigate at the Institute Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine of the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Proteins are remarkable biomolecular nano-machines that perform most essential processes needed for the survival of living organisms. Being able to harness this powerful framework in order to engineer new functions into proteins will greatly benefit biotechnology and healthcare on a broad scale. Although computational approaches have permitted designing a wide range of new protein structures, they still fail at changing the function of proteins.

We aim to narrow the gaps in our theoretical understanding of the functional relationships between sequence, structure and dynamics in proteins, by combining techniques from deep learning and computational molecular modeling. In particular, we are presently developing a deep learning approach that tackles the design process of functional proteins as a language-modeling problem.

Bachelor and Master students

Do you have a background in basic sciences, engineering or computer science, and are interested in learning how Deep Learning can be used for biomedical research?

Come join us! We always welcome bachelor and master students in our lab!

PhD candidate and Postdoc

Currently we do not have any open positions. Passionate candidates with a background in basic sciences, engineering or computer science are encouraged to contact us providing their CV and a short statement of research interests.